The main objective is to develop the so long expected tool in the vitiviniculture sector. A portable low-cost device that can be carried into the field, easily used to obtain in vivo readings from the fruits, giving tremendous autonomy to the winegrower when it comes to optimize the management of the vineyard.

Through an integration of scientific and technical skills from RTDs and SMEs, the objectives in PREMIVM will be approached by different aspects of expertise: Chl F&R optical instrumentation (CzechGlobe and PSI); Chl F&R and other analytical methodologies applied to vegetal physiology (KIT); engineering, prototyping, communications, IT solutions (BIOENG and DVC); vitiviniculture management systems and tools (AGRI); production of grapes and wine (SAPRUEM, QMF and PERACCIO). The know-how on these different aspects will be transferred from the lab to the field and finally to a feasible commercial solution.

The key is to manage locally the fine and delicate balance between yield and quality and to differentiate the vineyard area. This can be done by controlling the main parameters that define grape ripeness (sugar content, polyphenols, and chlorophyll)  and plant condition (nitrogen, chlorophyll) . With the knowledge of how ripeness is evolving within each cluster together with a clear assessment of plant vigour, the winegrower can promptly intervene accordingly in the vineyard using common viticulture management practices and even implement a differential harvesting program. This way the producer can increase the grade quality of his grape production, and allocate his wine production to higher segments.

PREMIVM is a Multiparametric Point-and-Click Portable Lab. It is a low-cost, handheld, easy to use device capable of non-invasively quantifying sugar, polyphenols, chlorophyll and nitrogen content in grapes and leaves, by using chlorophyll fluorescence, emission fluorescence and reflectance spectra (F&R- see section B1.2) collected and processed through powerful, and specific mathematical models. All field readings will have a GPS tag, giving the user total liberty to easily extend their previously implemented sampling schemes. When downloaded to the PREMIVM vineyard management software, the data will generate easy to interpret spatial field analysis information. The device can be used to optimise the growth/ripening of grapes, reduce vineyard variability, define optimal harvesting time, set differential harvesting schemes, select proper grape variety/terroir combinations, micromanage local differences in the vineyard and assist integrated agriculture practices.


PREMIVM in a scheme. The calculations in the presented example follow the following assumptions: EU average yield- 7.0 t/ha; Grape to Wine conversion- 710 L/t; Bottles are of 0.75 L; Grape quality segments: Low- 300 €/t; Average- 600 €/t; High- 1200 €/t.

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 managed by REA-Research Executive Agency under grant agreement n° 262011

FP7 Programme
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